North Carolina Council of Chapters 1st Quarterly Meeting February 23-24, 2018 - Salisbury, NC

North Carolina Council of Chapters 1st Quarterly Meeting
February 23-24, 2018 - Salisbury, NC - Upcoming Meeting(s)

* The 1st quarterly meeting of the North Carolina Council of Chapters will be held in Salisbury, NC and hosted by the Central Carolina Chapter, LTC Gary Applewhite, USA, President. The dates will be February 23-24, 2018. 

* The lodging venue will be the Hampton Inn and the Friday evening buffet dinner will be held at Trinity Oaks.  

* Open the below, downloadable files to read the President's welcome letter and to make your reservations for the Friday, February 23rd dinner which can be filled out on your computer, saved and printed...attach your check for the required amount and send in to LCDR Bob Loeblein before February 10, 2018 using the address on the form. 

* Spouses can open this file, The Hampton Inn & Things to Do in Salisbury, NC for ideas on activities on Saturday.

We have a good turnout scheduled for this weekend’s Council meeting, I’m looking forward to a fun and productive time together.


The Shuttle WILL NOT be available to take us from the Hotel to Trinity Oaks. You are encouraged to carpool in order to maximize parking at Trinity Oaks. They will try to limit the parking in the lot in front of the facility to our group. Overflow parking is up the hill toward to maximum care facility. A golf cart will be available to pick you up from there and take you back after the dinner.


Spouses activities; a packet of information will be available upon arrival at the hotel for shopping and local area sites. A host will be available on Saturday morning for assistance. More specific information will be announced at the dinner.

Info about Trinity Oaks; we are being hosted at a top notch retirement facility. I have encouraged Lorie Aldridge to be available to provide information and answer questions about Trinity Oaks. She will have a table set up during the social hour.


Event Times


3:30 pm Council Board meets in the Hampton Inn Meeting Room, just off the lobby

6:00 pm Social at Trinity Oaks, 2nd floor Special Events room, dinner will follow at 7:00 pm


8:30 am Council Meeting at Trinity Oaks, 2nd floor Special Events room. We expect to adjourn by 12:30 pm


David Lee


MOAA NC Council of Chapters

Cell 704-232-2832

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