Chalk Up Another Win in the MOAA Column...

Chalk Up Another Win in the MOAA Column...

* It appears that the lobbying efforts by MOAA, supported by the 100's and 1,000's of e-mails sent in by members who receive the Legislative Alerts from MOAA, will soon be able to count the repeal of the 1% COLA hit that the Congress had proposed on the military.

* Open the below link, "Why Associations Matter", to read of other successes that MOAA has won on behalf of servicepersonnel - active, retired, former, Guard, Reserve and survivors of prior military personnel.


Readers are STRONGLY ENCOURAGED to log onto the MOAA website and sign up for the Legislative Alerts that get sent to registered e-mail addresses on a regular basis to make you aware of IMPORTANT TOPICS of real consequence to all military personnel.

The reversal of the COLA penalty to the military is just one more example of how your support to MOAA does make a difference!

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