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June 14, 2017

NCCOC 2nd VP Harley Ellinger posted:

- "As we become ready for our August Recess Legislative Visits in North Carolina, I would like you to review the latest version of TRICARE (not TRICARE FOR LIFE – over age 65). I am sure this will be a topic of the NATIONAL MOAA POINT PAPERS. Rest assured the other topics: commissary, housing, Widow’s Tax, sequestration, COLA, and overall compensation or military pay. It is now time to become informed on these subjects."

- "I will continue to pass on information, and of course the POINT PAPERS OF NATIONAL MOAA when they arrive."

TRICARE Changes Coming Soon...from a June 9, 2017 message from David B. Lobb, COL US Army (Ret.)SC MOAA Council President

- The 2017 National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA) brought sweeping health care reforms, many of which will take effect in just a few months. MOAA is working closely with TRICARE program officials to learn what new processes and responsibilities these changes will bring for TRICARE beneficiaries and when they will occur.

- The new TRICARE Select option, which replaces TRICARE Standard and Extra, begins Jan. 1, 2018 - just 6 short months from now. TRICARE Select is the self-managed preferred provider organization (PPO) option. It provides freedom of choice of providers, with reduced/fixed fee beneficiary out-of-pocket costs for care in the network. TRICARE Prime, TRICARE Reserve Select, TRICARE Retired Reserve, and TRICARE Young Adult and TRICARE for Life will remain as is.

- Under the new model, beneficiaries must make an active, annual choice of health plan for themselves and/or their family. Because 2018 is the first year of the plan, there will be a grace period, and beneficiaries will be automatically renewed in their existing TRICARE option as of Dec. 31, 2017. This means beneficiaries currently in TRICARE Standard or Extra will be converted automatically into TRICARE Select.

- Active duty family members newly entitled to TRICARE will be automatically enrolled in TRICARE Prime if they live in a Prime Service Area (generally around a military treatment facility). If not, they will be enrolled in TRICARE Select.

- Two populations may be at risk of losing coverage:

* Active duty members who retire and do not elect to enroll in an option. MOAA is advocating for a seamless enrollment default option for this population, as well as increased transition education services.

* Retiree beneficiaries who fail to pay their enrollment fees. Officials have stated that eligible beneficiaries will never lose their benefit, as they will always be eligible for care at military hospitals. However, this would most likely be on a space-available basis.

- Enrollment Details

* Year 1 (2018): Auto renewal (Jan. 1, 2018) and grace period: Can change TRICARE Prime or Select at any time in 2018

* Year 2 (2019) and beyond: Can elect TRICARE Prime or TRICARE Select coverage (enroll, dis-enroll, or change) only during annual open season (1 Nov - 20 Dec) or if the beneficiary has a qualifying life event:

- Marriage, divorce, or annulment

- Birth or adoption of a child

- Placement of a child by a court in a member's home

- Change in sponsor status

- Loss of eligibility (due to age, Medicare, etc.)

- Move to a new ZIP code

- Loss/gain of other health insurance

- Death of a sponsor, spouse, or child

- Change in eligibility status of any single family member in another family ( e.g. joint service member)

- All qualifying life events require a Defense Enrollment Eligibility Reporting System (DEERS) update. If beneficiaries request a change in coverage, it must occur within 90 days of the life event.

- Beneficiary cost shares will be based on the sponsor's “date initially entered into service” (DIEMS). Per the 2017 NDAA, those who have entered into service prior to Jan. 1, 2018, are grandfathered into existing cost shares - unless the 2018 NDAA incorporates provisions from the administration's budget proposal to repeal grandfathering (see “ TRICARE Fees to Get a Big Raise”).

- As many of these changes show, beneficiaries will be expected to take more responsibility for their health care. MOAA will continue to work closely with DoD to ensure program changes will be beneficiary-centered and clearly communicated to all stakeholders.

What is the most important thing you can do right now? Make sure your DEERS information is updated for both you and your family. Here's how to update DEERS.

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* The TIME to Never Stop Serving is more important than ever as MOAA and the North Carolina Council of Chapters move into 2017...the newest changes happening in our nation's legislative body should make this year an important one for getting many of the top issues for the Military Officers Association of America enacted.

* As always, NCCOC Chapters are encouraged to emphasize the importance of being enrolled in MOAA's Legislative Alerts to all members in order to get our "One Powerful Voice" in front of the Congress.

* Thanks!

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North Carolina Legislative Agenda/Successes June 24, 2016

North Carolina Legislative Agenda/Successes

June 24, 2016

* In a June 24, 2016 e-mail from Jeri Graham, NCCOC Past President and Legislative Chair for the North Carolina Veteran's Council, it was reported that an 1130 committee meeting re: HB 842 was scheduled. Because of good interventions to keep this bill moving, the good news is that it's working.

* Here are some more good results so far for the legislative bills that the NCVC has been working on:

- HB 256 - ratified and should be signed soon:-)

- S 105 - voted positively (second committee meeting) - Homeland Security, Military and Veterans Affairs.

- HB 842 - hopefully there will be a reversal of the bill being sent to Appropriations since no monies are involved; previously sent out of Rules to Health, after which they sent it to Appropriations.

* This is probably all we'll get accomplished in the Short Session which is probably pretty good since it has been such a difficult time with considering the impact of HB 2.

* Jeri has had discussions with Ken Melton re: Engage 4th Branch...hopefully, all can see minor changes such that when you log on to you shouldn't have to keep registering each time...whew! Plans are such that the contractor for Engage 4th Branch will be getting out more frequent messaging...pushing for weekly messages. Jeri has asked Melton and Assoc. to please adapt their legislative reports so messages can be shared on websites and newsletters.

* Stand by for more news, as it becomes available.

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MOAA UPDATES ON THE 2016 NDAA May 20, 2016


May 20, 2016

* Two recent posts on the MOAA website provide important information on veteran benefits in the proposed 2016 NDAA.

- Featured Legislative Alert.

- Lt Gen Dana Atkins, MOAA President discusses the Association's take on the changes in a YouTube video

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"Storming the Hill" as part of the North Carolina Veteran's Day in Raleigh April 15, 2015
"Storming the Hill" as part of the North Carolina Veteran's Day in Raleigh

"Storming the Hill" as part of the North Carolina Veteran's Day in Raleigh

April 15, 2015

* CAPT David Lee, USNR-Ret., North Carolina Council of Chapter 2nd V.P. (L) and COL Vern Pike, USA-Ret., North Carolina Council of Chapters Past President (R) man the MOAA table at the Veteran's Recognition Day in the NC Legislative Building in Raleigh this date.

* Following the morning's activity in the 1100 Hall of the Legislative Building, all the veterans were invited to the House Chamber for remarks and a Q&A session with the House Speaker Tim Moore (lower photograph).

Scroll over the thumbnail pictures to the right to see some of the other veterans organizations participating in this important day of recognition.

- Vietnam Veterans

- American Legion

- NC Veterans Business Association

- Veterans of Foreign Wars

- NC Division of Veterans Affairs

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"Storming" Stormers April 15, 2015
"Storming" Stormers

"Storming" Stormers

April 15, 2015

Thanks to the North Carolina Council of Chapters Officers, Presidents and members who stormed the North Carolina Legislature April 15, 2015.

Scroll over the thumbnail photographs to the right to see additional photographs from the legislative day to honor veterans:

- Color guard prepares to present the colors.

- Veterans assembled in front of the NC State Legislative Building for opening ceremony.

- Bagpiper leads the veterans into the legislature building following honors to the colors.

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