Piedmont Chapter News November 9, 2016
Piedmont Chapter News

Piedmont Chapter News

November 9, 2016

* The Piedmont Chapter of MOAA, LTC Lee Richmond, President, sponsors 2 ROTC units and 20 JROTC units. The units and their programs foster leadership skills and the Piedmont Chapter is proud to participate in their programs.

* Recently, chapter leaders were invited by Navy Captain Frank Shearin (shown upper right with LTC Richmond), Southeast Guilford High School Navy JROTC commander, to attend the area commanders inspection of the school’s Navy JROTC.

* Chapter members BGen Blake Williams, LCDR Jim Ertner and Lee (lower right) were warmly welcomed to watch the well trained cadets perform drills in the school gymnasium (thumbnail photograph).

* It was an excellent performance and we were pleased that MOAA had representatives at this event.

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