Spouses Working Group

November 13, 2021

Jeri Graham shared the below downloadable file (Spouses Session with Jeri Graham – Why I want to be with you today!) which was the product of a session held at the 4th quarterly NCCOC meeting in Winston Salem on November 13, 2021. The goal of the meeting was to provide an opportunity for spouses of Council members to get to know one another, to understand the role of Surviving Spouse Liaisons from each chapter, and to help people use the information from MOAA regarding Surviving Spouses.

Attendees at the meeting:

Angie Anderson

Pamela Brown

Carolyn Brumit

Sheila Irrera

Sandy Klassen

Liz Pasquarette

Patricia Segal

and of course, Jeri Graham.

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NCCOC Spouses Session with Jeri Graham (pdf 120.9 Kb)

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