North Carolina Council of Chapters 4th Quarterly Meeting November 11-12, 2016
North Carolina Council of Chapters 4th Quarterly Meeting

North Carolina Council of Chapters 4th Quarterly Meeting

November 11-12, 2016

* The 4th Quarterly meeting of the North Carolina Council of Chapters was hosted by the Catawba Valley Chapter and held at the Crowne Plaza Hotel in Hickory, NC.

* Pictured (upper right) is Catawba Valley President COL Joe Cansler as he opened the evening events at the Friday, November 11th dinner meeting.

* Pictured (lower right) is the Caldwell County Men’s chorale that performed several classic patriotic hymns, as well as some more current contemporary numbers that were enjoyed by the dinner guests.

* Scroll over the thumbnail pictures to the right to see more photographs from the dinner on Friday night. NOTE: When viewing thumbnails, use your mouse to left click on the (F)ast, (M)edium or (S)low controller found in the upper right corner of any image displayed...doing so will run a slide show of all the images at the rate of speed selected. Enjoy!

* Thumbnail photographs:

- Min DelGarbino from the First in Flight Chapter with Coastal Carolina President Marie Senzig.

- Osborne President Lee Richmond, wife Sherrie, NCCOC President Doug Ehrhardt and Gary Aljets. Seated is Carol Aljets, Council Secretary.

- SENCLand President Jim Brumit and wife.

- Marie Senzig, First in Flight President Al DelGarbino and Cathy Ehrhardt.

- Jim Jackson, Jett Travel consultant with Ed Baisden.

- Nancy and Bob Garman with MOAA newest, and ONLY NC MOAA member to serve on the National BOD, COL Jeri Graham.

- Charlotte-Metrolina President Ron Morgan, wife Carol and Marie Senzig.

- SENCLand chapter member Les Petty and wife Gloria.

- Catawba Valley President Joe Cansler with members Bob Barton and Allen Stewart.

- Council Treasurer George Brudzinski and wife Colleen.

- Catawba Valley members George Gemenhardt, Cleveland McCloud and Catawba Valley website manager and newsletter editor, John Liburdi.

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