NC Council of Chapters, Hendersonville, NC August 17, 2012

NC Council of Chapters, Hendersonville, NC

August 17, 2012

* On Friday, August 17, 2012, the Western Carolina Chapter held a banquet at the beautiful Hendersonville Country Club.

* Aside from the sumptuous banquet, attendees were treated to a special presentation by Colonel Joseph Clemons, Jr., (pictured at right) Distinguished Service Cross recipient while serving as a Platoon Commander with Co. K, 3d Bn, 31st Inf Reg, 7th Inf Div in the vicinity of Kumhwa, Korea on 28 October 1952.

* On April 16-17, 1953 the battle of Pork Chop Hill was fought while the Panmunjom talks were underway. At the time, 1LT Clemons was serving as Company Commander of Company K, 3d Bn, 31st Inf Reg, 7th Inf Div for which he was awarded the Silver Star Medal. It was this battle on which the movie was based.

Scroll over the thumbnail pictures on the right to view some more pictures of the 3rd quarter NC Council of Chapters meeting.

Western Carolina Chapter President Don Jackman, presiding.

Guests lined up for a wonderful buffet dinner at the Hendersonville Country Club.

Immediate NC Council Past President Fred Black and his wife Sylvia.

NC Council President Bob Garman and his wife Nancy.

NC Council Past President ('08-'10) Vern Pike and his wife Renny.

"Birthday Boy," NC Council Treasurer Jack Overman.

Colonel Clemons wife, Cecil, shared some anecdotal remembrances from the making of the film, "Pork Chop Hill" that starred Gregory Peck in the role of Lieutenant Joe Clemons. (In 1958-59, CPT Clemons, at the request of MGM Studios, was sent on temporary orders to Hollywood by the Army to serve as the Technical Advisor for the movie and is credited as such in the movie credits.

Link: Click here to see more photographs.

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