More NC Council and Chapters 3rd Quarterly Dinner Pictures August 9, 2013

More NC Council and Chapters 3rd Quarterly Dinner Pictures

August 9, 2013

The NC Council 3rd Quarterly dinner allowed for members and spouses to share a table with other Chapter members.

Prior to the beginning of the meal, everyone was treated to a "Special" program by Generation eXcellent, a group of 18 home-schooled Ashe County students dressed in period costumes who greeted the party-goers before their performance.

Shown L to R:

COL Steve Burrell and his wife Diane join fellow High Country member MAJ Lem Alley and his wife Brenda.

LTC Ron Branch is shown with Josie Cox and her husband LTC Dave Cox of the High Country Chapter.

Before the evening dinner, members of Generation eXcellent, 18 home schooled students from Ashe County greeted the party, "Uncle Sam" is seen greeting some of the guests.

"Ben Franklin" says hello to Eastern Carolina President Gloria Schaberg's granddaughter, Lauren French.

After their entrance, Generation eXcellent opened the performance with a patriotic song about the flag.

There were several soloists who also sang as part of the musical numbers.

The American flag was paraded through the dining room and up to the risers.

Generation eXcellent, under the leadership of their musical director, Pam Miller, gave a stirring rendition of our National Anthem.

Following the rendering of honors to the colors, the troupe concluded their performance with a medley of service songs. Members of the audience were invited to stand for their particular service, like Western Carolina President Don Jackman.

CAPT David Lee, President of the Central Carolina Chapter, claps along to Anchors Aweigh.

High Country's Capt Fred Schmitt stands for his service anthem.

USMC former Lt John Thomas and BGen James Walker.

Finally, High Country Chapter President George Brudzinski stands tall during The Halls of Montezuma.

Link: See STILL more pictures from the August 9, 2013 dinner:

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