NC Council of Chapters - 3rd Quarter Meeting Dinner Events August 9, 2013

NC Council of Chapters - 3rd Quarter Meeting Dinner Events

August 9, 2013

Following the meal, 101 dinner guests were rewarded with several special presentations.

New River Chapter President Doug Ehrhardt was one of the evening's MCs and introduced the guests of the head tables.

Congresswoman Virginia Foxx, NC 5th District, was recognized as a special guest of the High Country Chapter and made some remarks to the assembly.

CAPT Ehrhardt introduced NC Council President, LTC Bob Garman who shared the information about the MOAA Levels of Excellence Awards that were recently announced. (See another "News and Events" entry regarding Chapters receiving awards for 2012).

High Country Chapter George Brudzinski had the MC honors of introducing the evening speaker.

BGen James Walker, USMC-Ret., Deputy Director for Samaritans Purse International Projects and Executive Director for Operation Heal Our Patriots, shared about his organizations commitment to support wounded servicepersonnel in their post-deployment struggles with marriage and relationships. The presentation was warmly received by all.

COL Jeri Graham, Council 1st VP added a post script to the message shared by BGen Walker and the excellent work by several NC Chapters to help our warriors.

Congresswoman Foxx served as honorary guest in selecting the 50/50 raffle ticket, plus a few others.

And the winner is...

CAPT David Lee walked off with the big $$ for the evening, $108 from the 50/50 purse.

Next, the awarding of the unique, "One of a Kind" jar of MOAA M&M candies.

The winner was Melinda Stewart, wife of SENCLand President CAPT John Stewart.

Finally, Joan Long, wife of Triangle President Joe Long, took home the packets of the New River Note Cards.

What are the odds?? ALL THREE prizes were won by guests seated at the same table!! Maybe it's time for Dave to use some of that 50/50 money to buy a lottery ticket?

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