NC Council of Chapters 4th Quarterly Meeting October 25 - 26, 2013

NC Council of Chapters 4th Quarterly Meeting

October 25 - 26, 2013

* The 4th Quarter Meeting of the North Carolina Council of Chapters Friday evening cook-out at the Beach House on the Air Force Recreation Center, Kure Beach was officially opened by a SAR Color Guard in period costume.

* Mouse over the thumbnail photographs to the right to see many of the Council and Chapter attendees enjoying the evening's festivities.

* NOTE: When viewing thumbnails, use your mouse to left click on the (F)ast, (M)edium or (S)low controller found in the upper right corner of any image displayed...doing so will run a slide show of all the images at the rate of speed selected. Enjoy!

Pictured (L to R):

Martha Ellinger and Charlotte-Metrolina Chapter President Harley Ellinger share a smile for the camera with Cathy Ehrhardt.

A trio of SENCLand Chapter members arrive for the evening cook-out.

Coastal Carolina Chapter President CAPT Marie Senzig (right) offers a toast with more of the SENCLand Chapter members.

SENCLand Chapter President John Stewart and Tom Connelly.

COL Harley Ellinger, CAPT Doug Ehrhardt, New River Chapter President and Juanita Neumeister.

LTC Chris Canipe, NC Council Senior Advisor with members of the SENCLand Chapter.

LTC Gary Marlar and his wife Claire are pictured along with Marie Chavez and husband COL Juan Chavez, Cape Fear Chapter President.

Sandy Stallings (right) with another spouse from the host chapter.

LtCol George Brudzinski makes an entrance to the party with wife Colleen. George is the High Country Chapter President.

COL John Melia and Col Al Schroetel join the evening's guest speaker Paul Landy at the bar.

LtCol Les Petty and his wife Gloria arrive at the cook-out where Les has the opportunity to get a new Marine Corps hat.

CAPT Marie Senzig, Council newsletter editor Bill Culler and Cathy Ehrhardt.

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